About me

Why me

I'm just like you.

I’ve been working since I was 13, my mom was in business. She sold wigs to cancer patients.

I got into coaching “by accident” when I had a huge insight. I realized that the stress of life was self-inflicted. Within 14 days, I was in a relationship and at the Three Principles Conference in Prague and met the best coaches in the world. Since then, I have been educating myself, deepening my coaching skills and letting what comes up take over.

My youngest client was a 4-year-old and my oldest was in his 80s.

I love people, I love life, I love laughter and humor and I love the intuition that guides me through life.

And I have two cats :), that’s if you want to come in person, so we can arrange to meet somewhere other than my living room or for an online chat.

I am a coach

I am a transformative coach with six years of experience. I speak Czech and English and have the experience of working in both languages. In coaching I use a metaphor for our experience of life called the 3 principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness). I love working with children and parents. And overall with people who want to see more and simplify their lives.

I have two children, a son (16) and a daughter (9) with whom I have a wonderful relationship and understanding.

Life has taught me that everything changes in life. Be it the pretty or the ugly. I’ve been through post traumatic depression, domestic violence, poverty, estrangement from family, many positions in business, marriage and divorce, … just all sorts of things we all go through in life and we deal with it in time anyway.

I'm a mentor

Mentoring is my passion. I love working with prospective or current coaches and being able to move them further towards better impacting their clients. By listening to coaching sessions and lovingly analyzing, talking about possibilities and where to take the conversation deeper, I open up new, undiscovered levels of my coaches’ art. I have wonderful referrals and I appreciate them so much. As well as the work of all those who help people to a happier experience of life.